Mix Battle 2021

Each year Brandcliff House students have an opportunity to demonstrate their musical creativity and originality by entering their work in a Mix Battle. Collaborations are permitted, but most contenders produce solo recordings. The tracks are then voted for on an anonymous basis, and the highest-ranked submission wins the prize.

The contest was tight in 2021, with excellent submissions from many students. Entries ranged from rap, house and LoFi genres. However once votes were cast, it was clear that Calvin Matiza had won the Mix Battle with his entry titled “Lax”. Click here to access the 2021 submissions (along with previous Mix Battle entries). Calvin’s winning track was played (loudly) at assembly, and was very popular among the students!

This year we were very lucky to receive sponsorship of prizes from Krispy Kreme for the top tracks. Thank you to Krispy Kreme for keeping the creative energy high!