Grade 8 Welcome

Brandcliff House opened for Grade 8 on 1 February 2021, and we were immediately impressed by the energy and positivity of the new students. In their first week, they were able to meet their teachers, attend orientation, explore the facilities and meet the Matric Leaders. The new students settled in very well, and have been working hard in class.

Later in the week, Bianca and the bMoved team ran a fun-filled morning of music, dancing and activities for the new Grade 8 students. All COVID-19 protocols were observed, and the learners were exhausted at the end of the day.

The bMoved team came up with funky nicknames for the new Grade 8 students:

Gorgeous Guitarist
Game Begun Aka Anorak
Ferrari Nasa
Blazing fire
Blue Lightning
Candy Floss Dancer
Flip Flops
Lucy Laces Aka Stripey
I’m a Keeper
Sparkles Wonder

We wish our Grade 8 students a successful year ahead, and we are proud that you have chosen to start your high school career at Brandcliff House!