Gladiator LAN 2022

This esports tournament is one of the most anticipated gaming competitions at the school. In 2022, we had 40 entries into the contest, from hardcore gamers, to those playing for fun, or who are just getting started.

How it works

Contestants play OpenArena, a first-person shooter. Participants are randomly seeded into 4 groups in the initial stages of the competition. Each match comprises 3 different free-for-all maps with a 5-minute time-limit. Match scores are combined, and players with the top 4 points move on to the next stage of the competition. The top 8 contestants battle it out in the final match, with the winner has the highest combined score across the 3 matches.

Gladiator LAN 2022 in the news

Final Standings

The 2022 Gladiator LAN had an impressive final match, and the competition was intense. Final standings were calculated as follows:

  • 1st: Jasin Gower
  • 2nd: Ethan Claassen
  • 3rd: TJ Fraser
  • 4th: Matthew Roberts
  • 5th: Craig Matiza
  • 6th: Jordan Gardner
  • 7th: Nathan Dewing
  • 8th: Tian van Deventer

ComicConAfrica sponsored a fantastic set of prizes to the Top 3 contestants, including exciting merchandise, caps and T-shirts. Representatives of the ComicConAfrica team attended the final match and presented prizes to the winners!

The Tough Brakes team and Cerberus Tactical Outfitters sponsored customized tactical badges to all participants. We are very grateful to the Tough Brakes team and Cerberus Tactical Outfitters for supporting this event!


Learners are encouraged to ‘shoutcast’ (commentate) live matches. This is a great way to build confidence and develop presentation skills. In a world dominated by content creation, learners are given the space to generate their own content in a safe, supportive environment. Watch the games below: