Gladiator LAN 2021

The Gladiator LAN is an annual esports event in which learners battle for supremacy in OpenArena, an old-school free-to-play FPS. The Gladiator LAN is the true test of individual skill, and it is a popular yet extremely competitive event at Brandcliff House. Once again, we have partnered with Comic Con Africa, who are supporting the Gladiator LAN event.

The Gladiator LAN begins with several group stages, where competitors are randomly seeded. Each group stage consists of 3 maps with a 20-frag limit. Each map has a different game mode: Instagib, Rockets, and All Weapons respectively.

The top competitors progress to the Semifinals. Only the best-of-the-best will make it to the Finals, which always proves to be an exciting conclusion to the event!

This year we are lucky to have a large number of contenders for the Gladiator LAN title. Will the young bloods find victory in 2021, or will the seasoned veterans continue to dominate? Only time will tell!

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4