Gladiator LAN 2021 Awards

As the dust settled on another successful Gladiator LAN, the top contenders were awarded their hard-won prizes at a special school assembly. The 2021 Gladiator LAN was a resounding success due to high participation between seniors, juniors, boys and girls.

The Gladiator LAN is a free-for-all battle for victory in OpenArena, the classic FPS. It is an annual event at Brandcliff House that attracts many students of different skill levels and gaming preferences. It is very competitive, yet very fun!

Once again, the Comic Con Africa team generously provided exciting prizes for the top competitors. Gladiator LAN 2021 competitors received T-shirts, comics, caps and other sought-after goodies. Visit their website.


We are very proud of all who participated in the Gladiator LAN 2021. However the competition was intense, and many did not make it to the ultimate showdown. The final scores are presented below:

Gladiator NameRanking
TammysCrazy_72tied 5th
NiB-Boptied 5th
Joe Mamma6th

Match VODs

As an additional element of the competitive nature of this esports event, the final series of major games was livecast by Brandcliff House students. See the action unfold in this playlist of exciting matches: