Gauntlet Update


The Gauntlet capture-the-flag esports tournament is in full swing, however there are many matches still to be played. Team Mew, Clowns, Demonslayer and Is The Name Changeable? are looking like strong contenders for the finals! However there is still a chance for Curry Force, Demonslayer and Hybrid to achieve victory if they can make it out of the double-elimination bracket.

We are proud to have Comic Con Africa team on board this year, with our largest-ever collection of 39 competitors representing 13 teams! Click here to read more about previous esports events at Brandcliff House, or catch up on recorded Gauntlet matches here.

Current Standings

The Gauntlet follows a double-elimination bracket format. This means that each team can suffer one loss without exiting the tournament immediately!

Recorded Matches

The Gauntlet matches are shoutcast by our learners in a nearby venue. Catch up on the action-packed games below:


In 2021, a total of 39 students from different grades and backgrounds are competing in this team-based capture-the-flag tournament.