Gauntlet 2019

After the success of our Gladiator LAN earlier in the year, we are running a team based capture-the-flag event called “The Gauntlet” in Term 3!

Games are recorded for results verification purposes and our students are casting matches. Videos will be uploaded to our YouTube channel. Catch up on VODs of our cast games below:

The participants are very talented and have been honing their skills in the Computer Lab for several weeks. Highly-ranked players from the previous Gladiator LAN are also competing, so the level of competition is high! We’re looking forward to a fun and action-packed Gauntlet event.

A long-time partner of our eSports tournaments, the DealMagic webstore has supplied gaming keyboards and gaming mouse combos to the top contenders of the competition. DealMagic will be at stall B04 at the upcoming Comic Con Africa event on 21 September 2019.

Winners will receive 4-day passes to the Comic Con Africa event taking place from 21-24 September 2019, which is super exciting! Click here for Comic Con Africa bookings.

Another long-time supporter of Brandcliff House, the Nexus Hub has once more sponsored prizes for the highest-ranked players in the Gauntlet 2019.

We have 11 teams registered in the Gauntlet, and play-offs started on Thursday 29 August 2019. Teams are randomly drawn into Double-Elimination brackets:

Match #DateTeam 1Team 2Winner
129 AugBombshellTAG Bombshell
230 AugSon of the Soil Son of the Soil
32 SepGet RektTigger on Steroids Tigger on Steroids
42 SepMeltdownMercy Meltdown
53 SepMom’s SpaghettiBombshell Bombshell
63 SepHybrid Son of the Soil Hybrid
74 SepU Wanna ScrapTigger on Steroids Tigger on Steroids
84 SepMercy Mercy
96 SepMom’s Spaghetti Get Rekt Mom’s Spaghetti
106 Sep TAG U Wanna Scrap U Wanna Scrap
11 9 Sep Mercy Mom’s Spaghetti Mercy
12 9 Sep U Wanna Scrap Son of the Soil U Wanna Scrap
13 11 Sep MeltdownBombshell Bombshell
14 10 Sep Hybrid Tigger on Steroids Hybrid
1512 Sep U Wanna Scrap Meltdown Meltdown
16 11 Sep Tigger on Steroids Mercy Tigger on Steroids
17 12 Sep Bombshell Hybrid Bombshell
18 13 Sep Meltdown Tigger on Steroids Meltdown
19 16 Sep Hybrid Meltdown Hybrid
2017 Sep Hybrid Bombshell Hybrid
2117 Sep Hybrid Bombshell Hybrid