Final Grade 12 Assembly

Brandcliff House students, teachers and staff wished the Matric Class of 2021 farewell at a special school assembly this week. With the approach of preliminary examinations, this was the last time that the Matrics joined assembly as members of the student body.

The seniors were called up individually to their own “theme song”, which was played as they approached the stage. Students were awarded with a Matric Booklet, family letters, a note from their Grade 8 self, and a special keepsake from Brandcliff House. After the final assembly, the Grade 12 students enjoyed a delicious brunch prepared by Ms. Cunningham and the Consumer Studies learners.

We are very proud of the dedication, character and work ethic of the Grade 12 Class of 2021. These students have set an excellent example for other learners, and have been confident ambassadors of Brandcliff House. We know that their hard work will bear fruit as they approach preliminary and final examinations.

Good Luck Matric Class of 2021!