” I came to Brandcliff House when they still had the primary school. I was the only black pupil at the time and there were only a handful of kids in the school. I have never forgotten how amazing the school was. My experience there after losing my mother was truly special and I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Mrs. Pictor. I have never forgotten you and Mrs. Liddy. Your mark in my life is indelible and I am glad to see that the school has grown so much. I am a mother of twin girls now and hope they can one day experience the attentive, loving education that I experienced in my time there.”

L. R.

“I will always be grateful for the connections I made with the people at Brandcliff House, staff and students alike. The character of the school is something special and I’ve learned lessons beyond what one would expect from a high school education, which has helped develop character as an individual.”

K. M.

“Brandcliff House was more than a school to be honest, it was a place you could feel at home and accepted for who you are. Brandcliff House did more for me and my family than I ever deserved . They take care of their own and that is truly inspirational!”

K. D.

” I truly believe that Brandcliff House was instrumental in my upbringing and I am grateful for the guidance and care given from all the teachers.”

R. S.

“I am so grateful to the wonderful team at Brandcliff House for changing my son’s life. My eternal gratitude and admiration.”

K. D.

“Brandcliff let me become the person I am today…often I think of how much I owe to Brandcliff for the nurturing environment that allowed me to achieve both my dreams in life.”