2020 Matric Results

We are extremely proud of our 2020 matriculants for their perseverance and dedication during an extremely difficult year. They performed very well during preliminary and final examinations, and have worked to their true potential. However, the teachers and parents played a pivotal role in providing academic and emotional support to our students as they approached final examinations.

Once again, the Class of 2020 achieved a Pass Rate of 100%, with 96% of our learners earning their Diploma Pass and Bachelor’s Passes.

A total of 7 distinctions were achieved:

Ally Jaafar: Visual Art (83%)
Kelly Maroney: Life Orientation (81%)
Nihaal Nagia: Afrikaans (83%)
Alexandra Roberts: Life Orientation (85%)
Taliah Samodien: Life Orientation (82%) and Afrikaans (91%)
Tyrique Wagner: Afrikaans (85%)

Our Matrics of 2020 have demonstrated their ability to overcome any challenge that comes their way. We know that you will go on to achieve great things – a bright future is in store for these superstars!